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Time to re-mortgage? Moving home? Self-employed? Employed with salary and bonuses? Interest rates on residential mortgages can vary dramatically between high street banks, building societies and boutique lenders. We search to find the most competitive deal for you from over 50 lenders, to match your exact circumstances. 

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Need a re-mortgage for your

buy-to-let? Are you moving and want to hold onto your old property to rent out? Or, do you want to purchase a property to rent out? We help you to find the most competitive deal via our panel of buy-to-let lenders, having first assessed your exact needs.

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So you liked Monopoly as a kid?You've done well building a portfolio of buy-to-let properties, but now, do you have many mortgages with many lenders who all have separate renewal dates and require new mortgage fees and vaulations every time your re-mortgage? We can help you to negotiate a portfolio loan with one lender, saving you valuable time and money.

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Do you love your house? Have you told your kids the only way you're leaving it is in a box?

Many people are unaware that you can now take an interest only mortgage into retirement to free up some capital, without having to downsize. As long as you have sufficient retirement income to cover the interest payments.

A lifetime mortgage is not suitable for everyone, and it is important to seek financial advice before taking any action. All other options available should be explored before choosing equity release. Interest is charged on both the original loan and the interest that has been added, the amount you owe will increase over time, reducing the equity left in your home potentially to nothing. Please discuss this with your family and beneficiares.

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